Jesus Verse by Verse

an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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12:1 Jesus and the disciples were prefigured by David and those who followed him (12:3). Those who followed David were those in debt and ‘distressed’ (1 Sam. 22:2). It is the desperate and broken who follow Jesus today.
12:11 The man who had only one sheep was poor; that was why he was so concerned to rescue his only sheep. Yet he represents God and Jesus in their constant search for us. They therefore identify themselves with the very poorest of society. God is in search of man; and we search for Him. Hence the joy of our meeting with Him in baptism.
12:14 Then- The pure grace and love of Jesus often produces a harsh reaction and rejection from those who refuse to be moved by it. We can’t be passive to it.
12:16 Jesus sometimes did ask people to tell others about what He had done for them. Maybe He asked the extroverts to be quiet, and the introverts to tell others? The preaching of the Gospel in the right spirit is something done against our will; it’s difficult (1 Cor. 9:17).
12:20 Jesus tries to fan into life whatever weak spirituality a person has, rather than expecting perfection at His first encounter with them. We should treat people likewise.
12:28 The kingdom of God will be established literally on earth when Jesus returns; but the essence of the Kingdom is that God is King and that is true today. The sphere of His rulership and authority in the lives of His people can be understood as His Kingdom.
12:32 This is only true for those who saw the miracles of Jesus and blasphemed them. But if a person stops going against the clear evidence provided by the Holy Spirit that Jesus is God’s Son, then he is no longer blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
12:34 Therefore control of our thinking is so important. The environment we chose, what music we listen to, affects our thinking.