Jesus Verse by Verse

an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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14:4 Should we therefore also rebuke unbelievers for their breaking of God’s law? God feels every breach of His law, by whomsoever. His sensitivity, and thereby His pain, sorrow and joy at obedience is far greater than we can perceive.
14:16 Jesus knew this was impossible for them to do. But He asks them to do it, in order they might learn that whatever little we have can be used by Him; and He challenges our faith and horizons likewise.
14:19 The food was mediated through the disciples; just as His salvation of others is mediated to them through our hands. Note the similarities with how Jesus ‘broke bread’ at the communion service. The way Jesus prayed with open eyes looking up to Heaven reflects His good conscience with God. Can we do that?
14:23 The way Jesus sent the people away is a window into the power of His personality, the strength of His will and mind.
14:26 The disciples went back to their beliefs in ghosts. People still hold wrong understandings even after they come to Christ.
14:28 If- Peter knew that only Jesus would ask such a demanding thing. That’s His style. We see it in our lives too.
14:30 Peter only saw the wind because he must’ve taken his eyes off Jesus and looked at something blowing in the wind- maybe he looked back to the boat. We too will sink if we take our eyes off Jesus.