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an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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24:2 This was fulfilled by the gold of the temple melting and running down between the stones, so that the Romans literally threw down every stone to extract the gold.
24:14 This implies that the return of Christ to some extent depends upon our taking the Gospel to all the world. It must be preached for a witness to the world- not all will respond, but all nations will hear. The advent of the internet has enabled this.
24:22 Although there are some stated conditions for the return of Christ to return (see :14), God will shorten the days. 2 Peter 3 says that there is also a delay, so that more may believe. So there are various apparently conflicting factors at work in determining the actual date for Christ to return. The shortening of the days will be because of the prayers of the faithful for Christ to return soon; or in order to save the faithful from falling away, so great will be the temptations and pressure of the last days.
24:31 The Angels will gather us from all over the world- there will be true believers world-wide, as a result of the witness of v. 14.
24:32 The fig tree represents Israel; fruit on the fig tree speaks of the spiritual fruit of repentance. When at least some Jews repent and accept Christ- which is already happening- this will be a sign that we are in the last generation.
24:40,41 As often in His teaching, Jesus balances examples from the worlds of both men and women. Such was His valuing of all people.
24:48 The Lord does delay His coming- the same Greek word is found in 25:5 describing how the bridegroom [Jesus] delays His coming. See on 24:14.